I spent today with a screamer and Christopher Robin dressed up as Minnie Mouse pirate ballerina.

This little boy is changing at lightening speed.  He now stands with the “big kids” at the sprinklers, clutching his pail.  He collects twigs, leaves and flowers with his sister and brings them to me with a big smile on his face.  He climbs on the the furniture, stands up and laughs. Sometimes I think he is actually laughing at me, thinking “I know I’m not supposed to do this, but I’m so cute, you can’t resist me”.  He surprises us daily with his vocabulary, repeating new words everyday.   He is so proud of his accomplishments. 
Isn’t he yummy?

Today this little boy discovered his piercing scream.  It is really really loud.  I didn’t think a noise that loud could come out of a person so small.  He decided to try it out at the bank, in the pharmacy and at our local organic market.  I received lots and lots of looks today.  The kind of looks where folks stop what they are doing to look at you looks.

Yup, today one kidlet was dressed up as Minnie Mouse as a pirate in a tutu (actually she was Christopher Robin dressed up as pirate Minnie Mouse ballerina) and the other one was screaming. The end.

Pirate Captain Minnie Mouse Ballerina and her brother who is most likely thinking about screaming

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