For the Love of Tutus and Fathers

We rang in Father’s Day last month watching our girl’s first ballet recital at the Queens theater in the park.  For those of you that know me well, this was a really big deal! I danced ballet until I was about 15 or so and performances were always treated as special events.

I think our little one stole all of our hearts with her sheer excitement for her big day, her dancing that she practiced so diligently, and her smiles and waves on that big stage.

Perhaps one of the greatest highlights of father’s day was experiencing Dada’s big debut as a dance performer.  He participated in the “daddy dance” with about six other dads. He even went to Saturday afternoon “daddy dance” rehearsals!  Their routine opened to Usher’s “Yeah” and some sick moves including names like “baby chugs”, “start the fire”, “make the pizza”, among many others, were incorporated into the routine. Our little one even had a chance to dance with her daddy on stage. It was awesome. I so wish that I could post a video because I really think that the universe needs to see this! But, I did promise to DO NOTHING with the video footage, so I guess you’ll have to come over my house to sneak a video view!

To quote my mother-in-law: “I cried and laughed and laughed and cried”. It was an amazing start to our Father’s Day.

Our little ballerina, with her bouquet made by mama
Showing off her wrist corsage from Granny and Poppy

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