Thanks Easta Bunny!

The Easter Bunny remembered to come by our house to deliver baskets! The girl was thrilled that she received princess Tiana as a gift, but not so thrilled that mama kept accidentally calling her princess “Tamia”.  I think I need to sort out my princesses. The boy was especially thrilled with the cellophane wrap and the prospect of eating fake grass.  I think he also liked his new Haba trains and the Happy Baby puffs in his plastic eggs.  Naturally, I was obsessed with the Roncini’s formal wear and in true holiday fashion, made the poor kid wear it all day.
Tons of love, fun, awesome Easter baskets, decorations, and food were bestowed upon us by the best Granny and Poppy. Granny also managed to get that spicy Roncini to fall asleep in all of three minutes. Her timing was perfect, as it enabled me to stuff my face with the most awesome Italian desserts ever.
Best of all we got to spend time with our little baby nephew/cousin. I was able to hold him today and his head is just so soft and delicious.  I can’t stop thinking about that soft head.  The end.
Easter Baskets
I can’t take this kid in his formal wear!
And we have a family photo!  Granny was wearing both of the kids’ hats while taking this and Poppy was doing some amazing moves behind her head. 
Here’s another one!  Too bad we are missing Gran and Pops.

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