Suite Dreams

Our girl has been asking for a big girl bed!

We finally worked together to make the old like new for the kidlet suite.
Dada had the dark cherry bed from my childhood stripped and dipped and painted white.
And I repurposed the fabric from her crib bumper into a flag banner for her window.

I made a little skirt for my little cowgirl out of material from her crib skirt.

  I also sewed the rest of the material from the crib skirt into a ruffle for her twin bed skirt.


  And she made magic……

We surprised her with a toy bed (that she requested) for her beloved Pablo.  The toy crib was from my own childhood. Dada painted it white to match the room. 

                         Sweet dreams to our big dreamer in her big girl bed.



  1. love this and love how pablo got a bed too. what a happy little fairy princess. want to hug and squeeze her.

    sophia is in love with lucia. she kept saying “lucia is my friend and i miss her” and “why do we have to go to CVS?” “why does lucia need to nap?” so i told her its nesting time and all the chickies have to go to sleep and finally she relented after some negotiation.

  2. you guys are very creative and tasteful. i think you have inspired me to be more artistic.

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