Sew like my mama

My girl came bursting in the room. She yelled, “look at my bag of surprises mama!”.  I couldn’t believe the little sack she was holding. I remembered the red floral fabric and decorative stitches so clearly and the little slot for my Tupperware cup full of apple juice.  I never imaged I’d be grateful that my mother saved the little snack bag that she made for me in nursery school.  She filled it with small toys, gave it to her granddaughter, and told her that it was once my pre-school snack bag.

That little red snack bag is what initially inspired me to start sewing for my children. I ran my finger over the stitches and remembered how my mother made everything for me with such love.  She let me pick out fabric and patterns for dresses, hair bows, matching doll dresses, toys, costumes…you name it.  She spent so much time teaching me how to sew and spent so much time sewing for me.
Although our visits don’t happen as often as we’d like them too, and the two and a half hour distance between us often feels like an eternity. But when we do spend time together, it always feels special.
Sewing with my mother and my daughter this past week was just what we all needed.
Thank you so much mom, for all that you do!


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