The pick-up

She’s saying “MAMA” in this picture

I’m sure that there will come a time when my kids will not want me anywhere near their school.  For now, I am going to cherish the moment when I peer down the school stairs and watch my little one light up as she sees me.  She runs up the stairs as soon as Miss Nancy calls her name. One by one, the teacher says ” _ may come”. My little’s one’s eyes are always glued to mine, as her teacher tells her to hold the railing. She always yells something like “mama mama, Miss Nancy that’s my mama!”

For now,  I’m going to relish the way that she ferociously wraps her arms around me and holds my face in her hands when I bundle her up in her stroller. I’m always greeted with something like “mama, I really love you”, “I love you and you love me”, or “I love you so much – give me a snack!”

I’m going to hang onto the little conversations that we have on our walk home.  Yesterday went something like this: “What was fun today bug?”  “Playing with my boys.”  “Really, who are your boys?”  ” Well, G, he likes my squeaky Dinosaur.”  She also always asks for her brother. “Can I see my baby mama?”  “Is he sleeping or awake?”

I’m also going to hold tight to the image of our sweet baby looking at me in the car seat attached to the double stroller, during our many walks to and from school – because before I know it I will be taking him to nursery school.

I’m also going to believe that the intense love and attachment in the first few years somehow contribute to our kids becoming pretty well adjusted, and able to separate so easily and thrive in school.

For now, I am going to cherish the pick-up.  I can’t wait for it to happen all over again.



  1. Awwe! This is so beautiful. We really need to cherish these moments where they want to be close to us…right? It won't last forever, but it's wonderful now. And I do think Lucia's success is directly related to your love and devotion as an amazing mother!! xx

  2. Thanks for the love!

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