Operation Beef Up the Roncini

Our little guy’s newest (very strange!) nickname coined by his Dad is Peperoncini (please say it out loud three times in your best Italian accent for full effect).  I shortened this fabulous nickname to “the Roncini”.

I am so pleased to report that the initial phase of  “Operation Beef up the Roncini” has been deemed a success! “Fat thigh” and “excellent weight gain” were even muttered by Dr. S during today’s 10-month weight check.


Besides eating foods drenched in organic flaxseed oil, butter, or avocado, Roncini’s current favorite activity is trashing his sister’s room in less than three minutes.  Specifically: pulling every single book out of the bookshelf, emptying all of the toys in the toy bins, and knocking over everything in sight.  He also enjoys waving at anyone who will wave and smile back and playing “how big is___?” while raising his arms when we say  “SOOO BIG”. The Roncini is keeping me on my toes by pulling up to standing and cruising all day. He also still loves putting everything that he can get his little hands on into his mouth.  His sister is definitely his little hero and we’re convinced that he wants to be the spiciest peperoncini just like her!



  1. i love this post and i love the nickname. that is so bob:)
    adrian is so cute i just want to give him hugs and kisses all day long

  2. Erin hoffman says

    Haha my son does the same with his books. he throws them at me and grunts (which means read it now or I will continue throwing this book at you and maybe not so gently next time) is the so big thing from the book how big is baby Elmo? That is a favorite around here 🙂

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