Popsicles in bed and snowman pancakes at bed time

Who eats popsicles in “mama’s bed” and gets frosty the snowman pancakes at bedtime? Lucia Paloma of course. After five days of fever, gnarly cough, double ear infection and a dislocated elbow on her birthday, Bob and I have wanted to do anything possible to make our little girl smile, even if it is just temporally. I was trying to entice Lucia with a pedialite popsicle while she was crying and miserable and suggested snuggling and reading books together, when she looked at me with her tear filled eyes and said “I want to eat my popsicle in mama’s bed”. I couldn’t believe my ears as I said “OK sweetie” and asked Bob to bring a big bowl and a napkin to our bedroom. She laughed about eating a popsicle in bed, enjoyed several books and then said “let’s make pancakes mama”. My little one who had not eaten anything of sustenance in DAYS and is currently a whopping 25 pounds (which I think she also weighed a year ago on her second birthday), was asking for food, when in walks Bob. “Dada, will you please make me a frosty pancake?” Bob and I quickly read each others minds “How can we not? Who cares if it is bedtime?” and moments later a perfect frosty the snowman pancake created by Martha/Dad was on her plate.


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