Celebrating Baby Sweetie

Being sick on your birthday stinks. Despite the craziness of the day, our little one did manage a few smiles. She tried on the Snow White costume with matching doll dress that her brother gave her, and was happy that Dada made a special trip in the snowstorm to purchase purple flowers (per her request).  She was thrilled to have “happy birthday” sung to her many times and she repeatedly blew out her #3 candle. It pained me to see her lick a few globs of frosting off of a cupcake since she was so ill (and hadn’t eaten in two days) but her smile was the best part of the day. She had three friends over a few weeks ago and had fun decorating crowns and taking turns riding on her pony. She also loved having her granny and poppy at her cute little birthday celebration at her preschool. Here’s to health and tons of happiness in her third year of life! We love you darling and can’t believe that you are now three.


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