Boyfriend for hire

So, it’s Lucia’s third birthday and she is so sick with fever and croup and after talking to her pediatrician we are convinced that she has a dislocated elbow that is causing her a lot of pain. We need to get the hell out of Queens to get our little bday girl to Manhattan to get her elbow popped back into place in the middle of the snow storm that our media likes to call “the blizzard of 2010”. I look out of our window and see a huge van blocking the middle of the street with a sign that says “boyfriend for hire” and quickly tell Bob to call the number on the van to get boyfriend’s van out of the middle of the road. After several calls and no answer Bob decides to take a walk to boyfriend’s house (address listed on van). It turns out that boyfriend’s wife is a pediatrician at Beth Israel Medical Center and she is willing to come over to help us! Thank you universe for the serendipitous events that brought boyfriend for hire’s nice,competent, MD wife to our house to pop Lucia’s elbow into place all while she stayed on the couch watching Elmo. I’d like to believe that Bob and I are doing something right and our collective karma helped send her to us. Now the hard part is going to be NOT knocking on boyfriend’s door again whenever our kids are sick!



  1. Ha! What a lucky turn of events! What exactly is Boyfriend's profession?

  2. He is some sort of handyman who does snow removal and happened to be stuck in the snow!

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