Summer Stiching

Happy October folks!  Here are a few clothes that I made this summer:


One of the many reasons why my husband is awesome.

He brought home this crazy curbside creation:  
Ewe, gross.

                                  And turned it into this:

Completely disassembled, rebuilt and repainted.
Beep, Beep, who got the keys to my jeep?

It’s green, it’s free and the kiddos love their tricked out new ride!


Easter Eggs – The Natural Way

We kicked off our Easter festivities with some egg dying yesterday afternoon.  We were able  to use items found in our home for dying; beets for pink, frozen blackberry’s for purple and some expired mother’s milk tea with curry powder for yellow.  I found a lot of resources for natural egg dying and they all pretty much consist of two cups dye matter, two to four cups water, and two tablespoons of white vinegar. After boiling the eggs and boiling the dye, Lucia colored on the eggs with wax crayons and we experimented on two with scotch tape.  Lucia had so much fun preparing the dye, dying the eggs, and admiring her finished product.  We can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to visit our house tomorrow!

A Mermaid dress for my Mermaid Girl

 My very first creation for my little girl, is far from perfect:
But in her eyes “it is magical”…


   Isn’t that what matters most?

Suite Dreams

Lucia has been asking for a big girl bed and Bob and I dragged our feet for a very long time.  Why mess with our solid sleeper, when our newest sleep deprivator love nugget was keeping us on our toes all night long?

We finally worked together to make the old like new for the kidlett suite.
Bob had the dark cherry bed from my childhood stripped and dipped and painted white.
And I repurposed the fabric from her crib bumper into a flag banner for her window.

I made a little skirt for my little cowgirl out of material from her crib skirt.

  I also sewed the rest of the material from the crib skirt into a a ruffle for her twin bed skirt.


  And she made magic……

We surprised her with a toy bed (that she requested) for her beloved Pablo.  The toy crib was from my from my own childhood and Bob painted it white to match the room. 

                                  Sweet dreams to our big dreamer in her big girl bed.


Formal Wear for the Roncini

Roncini Wear
The Gallant Roncini

I think that the Roncini was feeling a little bit drab in his current wardrobe, so mama spiced things up with some handmade formal wear.  I kept asking Bob if he wanted me to make him matching tie shirts. He declined.