Love this time of day…

Lucia loves all aspects of feeding Adrian.  Picking out vegetables and fruits at the market. Asking “mama, what are we going to feed baby today?”  Watching me chop, steam and puree.  Declaring when the food has reached the perfect level of “soupiness” and most specifically feeding her brother.

Adrian adores his big sisters attention and gets excited to sit in his highchair and eagerly watch his food preparation. He slaps his hands, yells and giggles.  He seems to love having Lucia feed him. Lucia signs “more food?” over and over, as we once did for her. It is adorable and messy.  Adrian doesn’t get many breaks to swallow.  Adrian has been trying to spoon feed himself for a while now and he just started trying to spoon feed Bob.  It is amazing.

Around our big white table we talk and laugh and feed each other and life feels so full and beautiful.


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