Saturday Surprises

For Old Times Sake..Baby Jules and Baby Lucia giggling in Central Park back in the day!


An early morning text last Saturday prompted a play date with one of our favorite NYC families.  Sharon is one of my very first “mommy friends” that I met while living in Manhattan and it’s such a joy to reconnect with her whenever we can.  Bob and I seem to always find ourselves positively pulled by Sharon and Richard’s calmness and cohesive parenting.  We spent the morning at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and then enjoyed brunch at a restaurant we used to meet at for lunch back in the day when Lucia and Jules were tiny babies.  We greatly enjoyed watching Julia and Lucia freely play and have funny conversations, while Sharon and I exchanged many “when did they get so big?” glances. Like when we asked them to get out of the car at the museum and Lucia said that Julia was “still driving her to Abby’s (short for Abuela) house”. Or when they kept talking with such enthusiasm about how they had matching jackets and when they each had to use the potty three times at the restaurant.

It was also exciting to see Elena get the hang of walking and try and share her food with Adrian. Of course four adults and four children/babies always makes for an interesting restaurant experience!

We capped off the day by getting rear-ended by a cab while we were stopped at a red light. Don’t worry, (seriously we were all totally fine.  Then we watched the same accident happen in the same spot two minutes later.  It was kind of funny strange.  But maybe not so funny when the second set of people tried to steal the cops that were called for us.


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