May Free Printable Calendar

Hello, May 2016! It is so good to see you!  We are so excited to welcome this new month, and have another pretty, free printable calendar sheet to download, print and share! We adore the month of May with its abundance of flowers, return to full-time glorious weather – and overall excitement for all things warm and bright.  There’s an excitement that takes over the city as eateries movie their tables outside, kids zip around on bikes and scooters and the parks are full with a return to spending more time outdoors. We’re here to help keep you organized this month by downloading, printing and hanging this watercolor calendar sheet to a wall, clipboard and kiddos rooms too.  May you have a month filled with wonderful blessings!

free-printable-calendar-download-May Simply click the photo below, download and print.



The Mother’s Day Card

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My mom is loving. My mom is kind. My mom is an exceptional card sender.


I have memories of my mother sitting at her antique secretary desk with one of my father’s fountain pens in hand carefully writing cards; inscribing backs of printed photos, and taking me along to the post office to send off her thick stack of envelopes.  And ever since I left my childhood home, my mom has sent cards (in impeccability perfect timing) for every occasion.

In our present day of unsolicited catalogs and endless bills, cards are tiny treasures. And in a world of cold screens, quick exchanges and electronic correspondence, cards are pure gold.  These tiny works of art carry thoughtful sentiments in familiar handwriting.  Something tangible from our loved one’s hearts makes its way through hands and mailboxes into our homes.  I’m certain that cards and letters convey a level of sentiment that electronic communication will never attain.


If it weren’t for an incredibly exciting travel invitation, we would be there for my mama this mother’s day. The next best thing is sending her thoughtful cards to let her know how much we care.  I found just what I need at my local Walgreens. Comforting words in a card from me – and even a beautiful card in Spanish for the kids to send to their Abby (Abuela). Hallmark has a way of presenting so many options in cards and serious skills in finding the right words – when perhaps our own seem to fail.

We’re so thankful for our little lot in life.


And the legacy of women who have made it all possible.



Success Is Calling


This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. In many ways, in today’s society, our cell phones are our digital lifelines. They connect us to the people we love and help piece together the important details of our lives. My introduction to TracFone happened by accident. I had just moved my father into an […]

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Because Mom Needs a Day Off Too


For reasons unbeknownst to me, I still struggle with feeling OK when taking time for myself. Even in the midst of uninterrupted work (yes work, not play!) I have to push through irrational guilt and unjustified feelings of selfishness when I’m away from my children.  I’m well aware that it doesn’t make any sense.  And […]

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Cool Science Experiments for Kids

paver stone chalk play

Spring break is officially here!  Since the kiddos are home for the week, we’re sharing fun and educational ways to keep school children occupied and entertained.  I’ve put together a list of some cool science experiments for kids along with educational kits to help pull them off. Check out some of our new favorites below! […]

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A Couples Pocono Getaway To Mount Airy Casino Resort


With back-to-back weekend getaways in Pennsylvania’s storied Pocono Mountains, I think that we may have figured out the secret sauce to travel in parenthood. Embark on a vacation with the kids and the following weekend book one without them.  My husband and I smiled as we passed the signs for the family-friendly waterpark that we […]

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